Fly Fishing Through the Eyes of a Beginner by Wren

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In the spring of Wren Sakai’s 8th grade year at The Nueva School in Hillsborough, CA, he was tasked with completing the “Recital Project.” The assignment: take a passion, make it into a project, and better the world in the process. The result: a beautiful and educational book titled, “Fly Fishing: Through the Eyes of a Beginner.”

Wren developed a passion for fishing at age ten when he began deep sea fishing with his father. Within a few years, Wren took an interest in fly fishing, but couldn’t find a good beginner fly fishing book. With the help of a few good guides and a week-long summer fly fishing camp, Wren began to learn the sport… and settled on his school project idea, a fly fishing guide for beginners. Wren envisioned a book that a novice could use to get started – a Fly Fishing for Dummies, of sorts. Unlike most authors, Wren spent most of his time developing content in a river, not at a desk. He gained knowledge through fishing, and according to Wren, “I filled in the gaps in my skill set while researching content for book. The booked helped me become a better fisherman.”

On one occasion during his research phase, Wren was fishing on the Feather River, the water was 80 degrees, and he didn’t catch any fish. “I had enough knowledge to know that wasn’t right,” states Wren. That’s when he realized how delicate rivers are and he became interested in conservation and protection of these great resources. Wren came into the CalTrout office to discuss such issues with Executive Director, Jeff Thompson. The young author dedicates a chapter of his book to water and fish conservation, and he is generously directing a portion of profits from the book to CalTrout.

54 pages, soft cover.

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