Chinook salmon (Photo by Ed: Homich)

Our in-depth report SOS II: Fish in Hot Water details the status of 32 types of salmon, steelhead, and trout that are native to California. What we've found is that at the current rate, California stands to lose 45% of its remaining native salmonids in the next 50 years

With your generous contribution, we can work together to ensure that California will always have resilient populations of wild fish thriving in clean, coldwater streams.

Your donation comes with a thank you gift! If you give $350 or more, you'll receive an exclusive printed copy of the SOS II: Fish in Hot Water report AND the beautifully illustrated SOS poster featuring California's salmonids. At the $250+ level, you'll receive the SOS II report, and at the $100+ level, you'll receive the SOS poster. 

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